Janggut Laksa (The Original Katong Laksa)@Paya Lebar Outlet Review: Laksa + Clayfish Combo for the win

I have always like eating Laksa! Well, who doesn’t ? In fact, there are so many places around Singapore that sell Laksa, till there is a never ending debate on which is the best in Singapore. Not long ago, I saw upon this term “Clayfish Laksa” at some food blogs, and it just caught my eye. As we are now living in a 21th century where competition are more aggressive than before,  I believe that food innovation must contantly take place, in order to attract customers.  It might look like a simple idea by just adding Clayfish into Laksa, but it has just differentiate itself from others. That is one of the main reason why it caught my eye. Another reason is that I personally like Clayfish. 

As I continued to do my research on “Clayfish Laksa”, I learnt that it was created by one of the oldest Laksa brand, “The Original Katong Laksa” established since 1950s.  They have 2 branches originally, one at Roxy Square in East Coast, and another in queenway shopping centre. Both have always been getting positive reviews over their Laksa over the years. Now, the daughter of the founder had decided to open a new store on her own in Paya Lebar, and had came up with a new combo “Laksa with Clayfish. 

Due to their established brand reputation, as usual, I went there with my group mates after lesson with high expectation. It was a long journey travelling from school, but I believed that I would be worth my time and trouble if it was really good as what I expected. 

Finally, we reached the place around 1pm+! The store was quite empty with just a few customers eating. 


And, of course I would be ordering their Laksa with Clayfish(Regular-$9.50, Large-$11.50)  which I ordered Regular size. There also normal Laksa available(Regular-$5, Large-$7).


Another image. This is taken by my friend


When I tried, everything just felt right! There were no mismatch. All combined together perfectly, and their Laksa was even way better than the Laksa I had at their queenway branch. Bee Hoon Texture, Soup Taste, Quality of Ingredients; All were there. The texture of the Bee Hoon was just nice, the coconut milk in the Laksa was fresh and noteworthy.  The clayfish, prawn and cockles were fresh and tasty. The meat of the Clayfish could be easily peeled off.  The chilli was also good as usual (to what I had in Queenway branch).  

I do not know where is the best Laksa in Singapore, but I can say, this should be placed among the best. 

This shows how much we love their Laksa


Janggut Laksa: 331 Upper Paya Lebar Road, Singapore 534949 
Opening Hours: 10am to 9.30pm daily (Closed on Alternate Tuesday)

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